12 Luxury Muffins

Time to count the calories? Want something really nice and just a little bit naughty? Try this selection, not a sniff of chocolate or a nut in sight. It’s a lighter bite delight!

Flavours Included
Blueberry Blitz
Cranberry & Orange
Lemon Burst
Apple Crumble
Ginger Sensation
Banana & Toffee

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Flavours Included

Blueberry Blitz – Our moist vanilla sponge with a delicate buttery flavour mixed with loads of juicy blueberries.

Cranberry & Orange – Our moist vanilla sponge mixed with a juicy jaffa syrup and cranberry pieces, topped with orange crystallised sugar.

Lemon Burst – Our delicious lemon sponge mixed with lemon oil and real lemon pieces make this a real juicy fruity sensation.

Apple Crumble – Moist apple sponge with a delicate flavour of cinnamon topped with a mix of buttery oats and brown sugar.

Ginger Sensation- A moist ginger sponge mixed with pieces of stem ginger which add a delicate burst of flavour.

Banana & Toffee –  Indulgent toffee sponge mixed with fresh banana, chewy toffee pieces and finished off with a banana chip.

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